The Feast of Trumpets!

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This Sunday 17th September, we celebrated Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) also known as Yom Terua (Feast of Blowing Trumpets).

We learnt about the history, traditions and prophetic significance of the Feast of Trumpets, around a feast table (of course). From the story of Abraham and Isaac, to Jesus as the sacrificail lamb we remembered, enacted, gave thanks, blew trumpets and feasted on apples and sweet honey!

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Thank you Katrina Quinn for capturing ‘The Feast of Trumpets, Brighton Style!”.

It seems trumpets are only the icing on top
Of a day that runs deep and rich and sweet
Meanings layered like the apple slices on the table in the centre
Shana Tov! Happy (Jewish) New Year!
God said “set aside a day to remember that time I told you you were my own special treasure”
Five boys run to the front, volunteering to light four candles
The fourth is blown out to allow the smallest one a turn
This is a day to rest, reflect
Sing of the beauty of creation, the Creator
Becky tells a story with firewood and knife
of a sacrifice, atonement
A story – foreshadowing a world-changing tale
Look back, look forward
We remove shoes and walk silent through the waters, conscience cleansing
Ruben makes a dive for the gap in the blue sheets draped over tables
We don white paper robes in varying sizes, cut out by Jean
This is not a people who do things by halves
Love is our judge, we are covered
Hannah mutters that she’s way out of her comfort zone
Cackle and crackle as we take our seats again
Then, at last, a call to gather around the table
From which homemade treats have filled our nostrils and tempted our tongues all morning
Honey drizzled over warm cinnamon roll
Pomegranate sprinkled over golden cakes
Trumpet shaped biscuits – a “labour of love by Leanne and Carmella last night”
Taste and see that HE is good
The paper robes catch our crumbs
The kids’ handmade “trumpets” screech wild
Finn parades his trombone
Robbie pounds his familiar rhythm on the djembe next to me
Wake up and remember
Look back and look forward
We shout-sing hymns out of tune
Tears of laughter rolling down cheeks
At the madness and mayhem of our family
I’m aware of the people visiting for the first time
It’s not always like this…
We murmur prayers for the dear-ones we carry in aching chests
Tears of longing rolling down cheeks
Look back and look forward
The Feast of Trumpets
Waiting for final reconciliation call
Waiting for that day
When the waiting will end

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Supporting Fareshare at Barcombe Nurseries!

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The last 3 weekends at Barcombe Nurseries have been a great success! £832.33 was raised for Fareshare and nearly all the cakes were sold, with a good run of visitors at Barcombe Nurseries.  Thank you to everyone who made cakes and gave generously – they were delicious and creative!

FS Barcombe    FS Barcombe 3






Dalesdown ’17 Weekend Away!

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We’ve just come back from a fantastic Church weekend away at Dalesdown in the Sussex Downs. We were blessed with great weather and it was a wonderful time together with lots of fun, food, rest and play!

Greek dancing    Den & Den makers

Whilst we missed those who couldn’t be there from City Gate this year, it was lovely to see many new faces.

Thank you everyone for making this weekend a special one. 

Sat night meal 3 rotated    Sat night meal 2 rotated     Pinata cropped

Looking forward to 2018 already!

Andy & Andy    Rueben 3 cropped      Feating table


Easter Week Events

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Throughout the week of 9th-16th April City Gate Church re-enacted the events of Easter.

On Palm Sunday people cycled in convoy from the Rose Garden at Preston Park to Brighthelm, where they were recieved by the waving of branches!

On Maundy Thursday family groups were invited to hold a passover / last supper in their homes… washing each other’s feet, discussing ‘who is the greatest?’ eating great food and having a time of fellowship. Everyone then gathered at Hollingbury Fort in the evening (AKA garden of Gethsemane) for contemplative prayer, followed by… the striking off of the high priest’s servants ear, and a live arrest of Jesus!

On Good Friday, we gathered at the secret walled garden next to Preston Manor… where Peter denied Jesus on trial, before the crucifixion. Taize worship and prayer followed at The Dip with the eating of ‘Ravens’ hot cross buns!

The week’s events finished with Easter Sunday, a celebration of JOY and thanksgiving – with singing, drumming, dancing and an Easter egg hunt… Jesus is alive!!


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Celebrating Purim!

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This Sunday we got together to celebrate the Jewish Festival of Purim, with visiting speaker Richard Harvey from ‘Jews for Jesus’.  We enjoyed dressing up as FUN, joyful characters with a great turn out of weird and wacky costumes – with PRIZES going to Jean and Rueben!

Johnie and Becky led us in an impromptu performance of the play of Esther with great comedic effect from City Gate volunteers. There was much ‘booing’ of Haman and ‘cheering’ of Mordechai and Esther!

We celebrated with Purim songs and special foods, enjoying the taste of Hamentaschen – otherwise known as ‘Haman’s ears’ and feasting together!


Fancy Dress2Richard HarveyFancy Dress 5Fancy Dress4Fancy Dress3

Happy New Year!

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At City Gate we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and pray that 2017 will be a year of love, hope and blessing.

We started the New Year with our first service, 1st January at Hove Bandstand by the seafront. It was a time to reflect… to see out the old year and bring in the new!

We cast stones into the ocean, representing things that we no longer wanted to hold onto from 2016, followed by a time of communion together.

Last Sunday we wrote things that we wanted to remember from 2016 and take into 2017, with hope in our hearts and thankfulness for what is to come… finding rest as we move into a new season!



Christmas OASIS Life.Rhythm.Spirit

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Wow what a day we had at our Christmas Oasis community event on Saturday 10th in the Brighthelm Gardens … gathering around the fire with hot chocolates in hand with a flash mob choice to sing Silent Night … Thank you to everyone who came and joined in with the drumming, singing of carols, dancing, wrapping of presents & hot chocolate drinking around the fire and blessing our city! Many people were touched by the love of God in our Spirit Dream tent and it was great to see the gardens buzzing with activity!  Hope to see you again in 2017!

Our Dear Friend Libby

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This week we mourn the loss of our dear friend Libby Van Rooyen, who died suddenly and unexpectedly last week. We’ve been privileged to know and love Libby. She enriched our community through her quiet thoughtfulness. Over the years we have journeyed together it has been a joy to see her blossom in care, confidence and creativity. Libby had a faith in Jesus and we are comforted in knowing that she is at total peace with Him now.
We will miss her greatly.