Church Elders

City Gate Church is primarily led by a group of four Elders, who are responsible for the overall running of the Church.

Andy Au

Senior Elder, Oversight for CGI

Andy Au is a founding member and the senior elder of the City Gate. Married to Yvonne, he has two children and three grandchildren. He has overall responsibility for the local City Gate community; leads the City Gate Hub, which draws together various churches and ministries that are linked to City Gate; and is a founding director of ‘Movement In Worship’, a creative ministry that has been birthed by City Gate. He travels widely developing relational links with networks, organisations and churches. He is also the City Gate link with the Pioneer Network.

Gwyn Davies

Elder, Implementation

Gwyn Davies has been a member of City Gate since 1990. She is married with two teenage daughters. She worked for 18 years as a speech and language therapist and maintains a keen interest in all things to do with communication. For the past 8 years Gwyn and her family have been foster carers. Gwyn is responsible for the day to day running of the church and overseeing the wider leadership team.

Yvonne Au

Advisory Elder

Yvonne Au, a founder member of City Gate is a director of Enable Children: an early years consultancy and training company. She is an advisory elder on the team and married to Andy Au.

Andrea Mason

Advisory Elder

Andrea Nolusapho Mason is a founding member of the church. She is married and has three children and two grandchildren. Currently, Andrea is a Marketing and Communications Manager at the British Council. She has a particular interest and involvement in City Gate Church's partnership with our South African partner, Anointed Voice of Africa Church.

Church Deacons

CGC also has a number of deacons—people with specific areas of responsibility who carry weight within the church releasing the Elders to do more of its governance and oversight. These individuals are all longstanding and strongly involved members of the Church.

Jonathan Wilkins

Jonathan Wilkins


Sue Coull


Mel Roberts


Kirsty Jamurath


The City Gate Board

City Gate Church UK and City Gate Community Projects are governed by one board comprising of trustees of both charitable companies and the elders of City Gate Church.

Chair: Gwyn Davies (Acting)
Treasurer: Jonathan Wilkins

City Gate Church UK exists to:

  • worship God
  • care for and teach children and adults
  • share the Christian faith
  • relieve poverty and help people in need.

City Gate Community Projects was established as the social action agency of City Gate Church. It exists to:

  • advance education for all ages
  • relieve need, hardship or distress
  • provide recreation and leisure facilities
  • protect and preserve health through the provision of nutritional food

City Gate Church UK trustees

Jonathan Wilkins, Becky Godden, Gwyn Davies
Andy Au, Yvonne Au, Susanne Tappenden

City Gate Community Projects trustees

Yvonne Au
Jamie Marchant
Gwyn Davies
Kate Bingley
Betsy Brewer
Steven Hardman
Keith Harrison
Fiona Bennett
Caroline Ward
Jonathan Wilkins


The City Gate Hub consists of various leaders from different ministries who meet together every two months in order to pray, discuss and help each other with their work.

The Hub provides mutual support, both spiritually through prayer and resourcing one another. We are a channel of different ministries working together, exploring all that God has placed within The Hub.

“For just as in one body we have many parts, and the parts do not all have the same function, so we—the many—have one body in Christ, but each individual is a part of the others.” – (Romans 12:4-5)

The Hub consists of:
City Gate Church: Andy Au, Gwyn Davies, Yvonne Au, Andrea Mason
Movement in Worship: Kirsty Hallett, Andy Au
Fundelaship: Andrea Mason
Community Church Eastbourne: Graeme Bunn
New Life Christian Church: Kendall Mason
Connect Southwater Community Church: Kath Jones, Juliett Fuller,
Images of Light: Jeannine & Ian Rodriguez-Everard

We have a number of overseas connections including:
God’s Great Commission Church (GGCC),
Phila Ubomi (Live Well)