Family Groups

Being, belonging and growing

As a Church, we meet once a fortnight in Family Groups. Family Groups are smaller, geographically based, sub-groups of the Church, which meet together to promote community and relationship amongst our members. We also have Clan groups, which are clusters of the two or three Family Groups in closest proximity to each other. They are calendared to meet bi-monthly, but many groups organise additional social times. Family groups facilitate people getting to know other members of the church and widening their relational network.

Family groups are open to members and non-members. If you have any questions about Family/Clan groups, or would like to know which is your nearest group, please contact the City Gate Church office on 01273 693807, or e-mail

Task Groups

Doing, achieving and taking up responsibility

CGC Church members are encouraged to be part of a Task Group as part of finding their place in the church in service. The work of Task Groups helps to support the church community and to provide services both for church members and the wider community.

Children’s (Circus Kids)

The Children’s Task Group is responsible for City Gate Church’s children’s work (4-11 years), primarily providing teaching sessions on Sunday mornings.


The Youth Task Group is responsible for City Gate Church’s youth (11-18 years), including discipleship, social activities, and Sunday morning teaching.


The Worship Task Group is responsible for leading City Gate Church in worship, providing a team to lead worship on Sundays, at Stepping Beyond in partnership with MIW and at other times as needed.


The Hospitality Task Group is responsible for providing hospitality and catering for City Gate Church’s events including—Sunday drinks, Stepping Beyond team meals, Church weekend away, Christmas Celebration, and others as requested.


The Evangelism Task Group is responsible for City Gate Church’s evangelistic outreach, including the Alpha course when relevant.

Movement in Worship

The MIW Task Group aims to support the work of MIW, especially its relationship with City Gate Church and the events that CGC and MIW deliver in partnership (such as …Stepping Beyond).

Spiritual Gifts

This is a NEW Task Group that explores the gifts of the Holy Spirit in a small, safe environment, gathering with a time of teaching, prayer and activation to hear God’s voice and minister in love.

If you have any questions about Task Groups, Family Groups, or Clan Groups, please contact the City Gate Office.